One of our top priorities is building long-term, trusted relationships with our neighbors and landowners that are based on openness, transparency and respect. We want to work together to find common ground – we understand how important your property is to you and your family and we strive to construct and operate Byhalia Connection in a way that protects your land, minimizes impact and demonstrates our respect for you and your family.

Early in a project, before permitting, easement acquisition and construction begins, our team  of experts review multiple factors before recommending a proposed route, including:

  • Homes, neighborhoods and developments
  • Potential protected species and their habitats
  • Prominent environmental features such as wetlands and waterways
  • Schools, parks and recreational facilities
  • Cultural and historic sites

It is important to remember, when possible, we strive to follow existing pipeline or utility corridors in an effort to limit local impact.

After this data is gathered, we make an initial routing recommendation. Then we visit with property owners along the proposed route and survey their land to determine if our proposed route is feasible. Final pipeline routing includes feedback from landowners, public officials, regulatory agencies and other affected parties.

As the route is finalized, we’ll begin negotiating with each property owner to purchase an easement on their property to allow for construction of the pipeline. After the pipeline is constructed, we will restore the right-of-way to as close to its prior condition as possible, while ensuring the general location of the pipeline is marked and maintenance activities can be easily completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Have a question? Please be sure to reach out.

Have a question? Please be sure to reach out.

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