Safety and Environmental Protection


Protecting the safety of all who live and work near our pipelines is at the very heart of everything we do. Safety is our top priority and drives the decisions we make during planning, design, construction and operation of Byhalia Connection.

Pipelines are the safest way to transport oil. The Byhalia Connection pipeline includes important safety elements, such as:

  • A route developed to minimize the collective impact to landowners, the public and the environment during construction, and to promote the long-term safety and integrity of the pipeline once in operation
  • New pipe manufactured to meet – or exceed – industry standards and specifications including:
    • each joint of pipe is inspected before it leaves the mill
    • 100 percent of the field welds are examined by x-ray before the line is placed in service
    • a post construction hydrotest is conducted
    • inspection tools are run immediately upon completion to verify the condition of the pipe
    • the line is walked with a tool to ensure that there are not any issues with the coating on the pipe
  • X-ray examination and inspection of all welds during construction to verify integrity prior to placing the pipeline into service
  • Greater pipe wall thickness than is required by federal standards
  • A cathodic protection system designed to guard against corrosion and to help maintain ongoing structural integrity
  • Regular aerial surveillance and ground patrols while in operation to identify potential pipeline threats
  • Remotely operated valves placed in strategic locations along the line to limit risk to local communities and the environment in the unlikely event of an incident
  • Participation in 811 programs to ensure local residents and contractors can notify the pipeline owner in the event of digging or construction along the path of the pipeline. Information on safe digging practices is available here


Once Byhalia Connection is operational, Plains will oversee its operation. Plains will implement an Integrity Management Program, which includes ongoing inspection and maintenance activities designed to verify and monitor the safety and integrity of our pipeline systems and facilities. In addition, we’ll take a number of steps to support its safe operation:

  • 24/7 monitoring and control system operated by specially trained personnel, using advanced technology to promptly implement protective measures
  • Internal and external integrity assessments prior to and after placing the pipeline into service
  • Weekly aerial surveillance of the line to look for potential risks to the pipeline, including encroachment or other unauthorized activity on the right of way, as well as any other potentially concerning surface conditions along the pipeline
  • Pipeline markers installed within line-of-sight on the pipeline route noting the general location of the pipeline, including at road and creek crossings


Protecting the environment is as important to us as it is to you. The U.S. has more than 2.8 million miles of oil and gas pipelines, and systems like Byhalia Connection are one of the safest and most reliable ways to transport crude oil. The carbon footprint of transporting fuel by pipelines is far less than moving energy by truck, rail or boat.

  • We strive to develop the Byhalia Connection route to minimize impact to landowners, local communities, cultural sites and the environment during construction and operation.
  • Prior to beginning construction, we will complete numerous environmental and cultural studies required by federal and state regulatory agencies involved in the permitting process and obtain the appropriate permits to construct and operate the pipeline.
  • Byhalia Connection will parallel existing pipeline, transportation or utility corridors, where practicable, to reduce impact on local communities and environment.


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