Call to Action

Tell the City Council to Vote No!

In March, the Memphis City Council is considering a resolution that would oppose the Byhalia Connection Pipeline and the benefits it brings this community. Please write to your city councilmembers to tell them to consider the facts and vote no on the resolution.

Facts about the project:

  • The Byhalia Connection Pipeline is a 49-mile crude oil pipeline connecting people and communities to the safe and reliable energy we need.
  • The pipeline will help drive economic and community benefits to Shelby County for the lifetime of the pipeline -- including $500,000 per year in property taxes that could benefit local schools, roads and public services.
  • Byhalia Pipeline has given over a $1 million to local community organizations to help feed families, improve education for children and help make the community a better place for future generations.
  • The pipeline will meet or exceed local, regional and federal safety standards for construction and operation.